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The Digitalization Challenge

Digitalisation can be a game-changer for the whole construction value chain

Construction (together with agriculture) is considered one of the least digitalised sectors, however its digital transformation is happening right now, with several initiatives aiming at improving productivity, profitability, resource efficiency or safety in the sector via innovative tools.

While innovation is developing fast, there is a gap between those innovative tools and methods and on-site construction professionals that needs to be closed.

While stakeholders such as architects and engineers acknowledge the importance of BIM in the construction sector, its adoption by the contractors in the sector is often limited. Also, the approach of BIM is still focused on new built, while the use in renovation projects is still limited although considering promising as renovation is the main market of the overwhelming majority of SMEs in the sector.

Digital tools have the potential to bring a change the general perception of the industry in the European society, enhancing communication, cooperation and trust along the whole construction value chain, but also a new attractiveness for youth and new talent. But for this to become a widespread reality, digital solutions need to be affordable, easy-to-use and able to bring a real added value to day-to-day activities of the micro, small and medium entreprises (SMEs), which make up the vast majority of the sector.


Discover BIM4REN

Today’s construction professionals, and in particular SMEs need suitable tools & flexible methods to facilitate their work & improve their production times, while ensuring environmental targets.

The BIM4REN project proposes a working methodology for energy-efficient renovation that could apply to different kind of buildings and different kind of renovation, through the elaboration of a modular collaborative process supported by digital tools, all accessible from a single platform dedicated to energy-efficient renovation.

By considering the skills and capacities of the users and the different phases of the renovation process, BIM4Ren can adapt to different projects, business models and professional needs.

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