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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide practical digital solutions and tools to face the initial phases of the energy renovation process of a building: from the collection of data and information of geometry and documents, to the definition of technological choices, to the identification of design solutions on the base of multicriteria analysis.

The course intends to enable workers from SMEs and suppliers to actively collaborate with the other actors of the renovation process within a digital environment.

“The use of BIM for renovation has lots of potential and could increase both the performance of buildings and the productivity of the sector, but BIM is still perceived as too complex and not widely used. This is why the BIM4Ren project shares this training material for the SMEs to quickly get introduced to BIM and its benefits for their activities.”

Antoine Dugue

Training Overview

A training pathway is prepared for stakeholders interested to learn more on how to use the BIM methodology for renovation works.

It presents practical approaches and specific tools to solve the major issues about data collection management and elaboration during the early stages of the design activity and during the construction phase.

Training modules are made up of PDF documents, available in 4 european languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish. For specific tools short demo-videos are available, as well as some other videos and reaources about general consepts and their applications at the demonstration sites.

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303 minutes

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4 Languages